Cloud integration in European security and defence


Constant technology innovation is the latest cornerstone of European border protection and deterrence method against systemic rivals. The power of innovation through new technologies has become the vector of soft and hard power for governments. Cutting-edge technology along with deploying rapidly new solutions, strengthens the national economy, its security, and its defence, while research and innovation enhance the country’s stature.

Cloud computing has emerged as the foundation for rapid information analysis, innovative services such as AI, and new platforms. Many technology providers are moving gradually towards providing solutions exclusively in the cloud, to bring their capabilities to customers faster and more efficiently.

Government administration can no longer wait to transition to cloud solutions. Many government-run datacentres will not be sufficient to provide the necessary computing power and bandwidth, flexibility and rapid deployment needed to keep pace with required innovation, as well as the high level of security to face cyberthreats. Additionally, control over data protection is key to leverage the full cloud capabilites for the most critical workloads, especially in the homeland security and defence field.

European Strategic Initiative brings together key representatives from institutions and the industry to explore how cloud technology is innovating the Security & Defence field, while securing sovereignty, data and control for European administrations.


Antonio CALCARA, Senior Associate – Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy – Brussels School of Governance


David VAN WEEL, Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO

George DUBYNSKYI, Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Chris BAILEY, General Manager – Global National Security, Amazon Web Services

Alfons BUXÓ, Global Cloud Transformation Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Isidoros MONOGIOUDIS, Project Officer Information Technologies & Cyber, European Defence Agency

Agnès DIALLO, Executive Director, eu-LISA

Florin BOTA, Head of Sector, Data and Content Management, Operations and Security at DIGIT, European Commission

Andreas SCHWALL, Cloud Transformation Public Sector Director, Deloitte Consulting

Marko MAKSIMOVIC, Senior Business Development Manager – Digital Sovereignty, Amazon Web Services